Life Alchemy

Are you feeling stuck and stagnant in your life and looking for new direction?

Do you feel your current life path does not truly fit who you are?

Does the soulful relationship you wish for seem to elude you?   

Do you feel lost or are realizing you have hit a bottom in your life and need help finding your direction again?

Are you experiencing exhaustion, depression or anxiety about your future?

Are you seeking more inspiration, meaning and purpose in life?

Are you looking to make life and/or career transitions, but not sure where to go?


Life Alchemy is a coaching program I developed to guide and empower individuals to do the inner alchemy required to “transform the lead in their lives into gold” and follow the path to the realization of their highest potential and destiny in life.

Life Alchemy coaching is the ideal soul-ution for individuals who are seeking to identify and pursue their own unique path to find more meaning and contribution in life.  

Life Alchemy work is grounded in understanding the invisible forces that shape us and two governing forces that work together in the creation of our lives: 

Fate and Destiny…

Fate~  How life happens to you…  What we cannot change.

Destiny~  How you happen to life…where we have free will and choice.

I will help you develop an understanding of the power of choice, how these two forces influence you and shape your life and your health, and teach you how to access and harness your power of co-creation to alchemize the lead in your life, your fate… into gold, your destiny and fullest potential.

Life Alchemy Coaching Process

The Life Alchemy coaching process is unique to each individual and unfolds organically as we progress through the sessions. I utilize an integrated psycho-spiritual approach based on cycles of life psychology, soul path readings, archetypal and evolutionary astrology, tarot, shadow work, co-creation principles, and a well- defined blueprint combining integrative health principles and behavioral science to help you launch change: 

The following services are included in the Life Alchemy Coaching Program; however, can be purchased a la carte...  

Life Cycles Charting for Self Mastery

A powerful system that will enhance your awareness of the rhythm and timing of your life, and how to use this awareness and system to help you make decisions, access resources, realize goals, and know when the best time is to do things. An understanding of your Life Cycles can help you realize your highest potential in every aspect of living.

 Like nature’s seasons, LIFE, in all its forms is characterized by periodic cycles, flow and rhythm.

•          Wrong idea in a wrong time = CHAOS

•          Wrong idea in the right time = MISTAKE

•          Right idea in the wrong time = RESISTANCE

•          Right idea in the right time = INEVITABLE SUCCESS

Archetypal Astrology

Astrology reflects the soul's journey... 

Archetypal Astrology is the art and science of intuiting and interpreting the energetic archetypal cycles of life and your soul’s schedule of unfolding into the world via those Cycles. Archetypal Astrology is based on the astrological cycles and the psycho-spiritual law of synchronicity discovered by Carl Jung.   Archetypal Astrology makes possible a further understanding of one's life—its cycles, its ups and downs, the crises and the breakthroughs, the periods of major change and transformation. 

 It is centered in the truth that we all have a unique Soul Contract/Agreement with Life/Fate, to create our destiny, which connects you to the energetic creative evolutionary cycles of the Earth. Our Soul Contract unfolds over our lifetime and has various clauses.  When we understand the inherent function of the planetary astrological cycles, we can use that energy personally in a more consciously empowered manner and bring our timing/efforts more in line with your soul.

Your Natal Birthchart reveals your Soul Contract and is your Destiny’s blueprint.  It is a map that tells the story of you - lays out your purpose, talents, abilites, uniquenesses, and challenges and will help you identify the Soul Archetypal Patterns that you are working with during this lifetime to create your destiny.

Soul Path Reading/Archetypal Profiling

Who are you?  Know thyself... Discover your archetypal expression:  the innate forces and energetic patterns you were born with and develop into that are connected to living your purpose.

Who are you?  Why are you here? What is your soul purpose?  Using an integration of Evolutionary Astrology, Soul Contract Astrology and Traditional Astrology, understand prior life dynamics that have led to the reason and purpose for the life you live and the specific dynamics that your soul is processing in this lifetime, as well as the energetic patterns that you are destined to develop into.  Identify your “superpowers,” your essential needs, emotional and relationship dynamics, challenges and life lessons you are here to experience in this life, in your work, and in the world.  

A birth chart or natal chart is a portrait of the cosmos at the moment of one’s birth. The positions of the planets at the time and place of a person's birth are regarded as corresponding to the basic archetypal patterns of that person's life and character. Awareness of the basic archetypal structures and patterns of meaning in one's birth chart allows one to bring considerably more consciousness to the task of fulfilling one's deepest potential and living aligned with one's authentic nature and values.

Understanding your archetypal expression…

will help you come to know who you are on a deeper level and be with your unique "ways" with more grace, interest, and engagement with the possibilities that are true for you! 

brings clarity to your purpose and choices by offering you a language and symbolic way to look at your life, choices, relationships, and experiences, changing the lens you see the world through.

Brings awareness of what unconscious patterns are running your reality.  This awareness will help you to see through the fog in order to recognize opportunities and make authentic choices. 

Shadow Work

Discover and learn how to integrate the subconscious reactive survival archetypal patterns that are hijacking your choices, running your reality and sabotaging your relationships and dreams.Awareness brings the opportunities to change.

Launching Change

Ready to launch change? Acquire tools to change unwanted patterns and habits, express authentic feelings and adopt new habits. Understand where you have choice, control and opportunity. Learn how to use the Clarity Compass tool to serve as a vehicle for you to quickly assess your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, chatter, experiences, confidence level and choices regarding any situation. 

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 If you're not certain about the best path, or have questions about your life purpose, now is the time to look within for your own Truth. Listen. Watch. Reflect. And know that you are here to create your life. It's not for someone else to rule. It's yours...

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